1/48 Eduard Bell X-1

Gallery Article by H. Davis Gandees on Apr 29 2020



This model build was not my normal genre of WWII props and Cold War jets. The kit languished in my stash for over 20 years. Recently, in one of those “what will I build next?” moments, it seemed to call out for me to rescue it from the dust and cobwebs. 

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The X-1 is an interesting aircraft as well as its “Right Stuff” pilot, U.S.A.F. Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager. He is still with us at age 97, and I hope he makes it to the 75th Anniversary of that famous October 14, 1947 flight, Mach 1, faster than the speed of sound.  The model was built out-of-box in 19 hours with no modifications other than the 1/32 inch black chart tape used to replicate the canopy framework and a flattened lead fishing weight superglued on the rear of the cockpit bulkhead to keep the nosewheel on the ground. 

The model was painted with Tamiya Bright Orange rattle can acrylic lacquer. The 20+ year old kit decals only required some extra time in warm water to coax them off the backing paper. The wheels were masked with Tamiya tape cut out with a punch and die.

H. Davis Gandees

Photos and text © by H. Davis Gandees