RCAF Saab Lansen

Gallery Article by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat on Jan 3 2020

Silly Week 2020



In the early 1950s Canada was bringing the CF-100 into service as an all-weather interceptor into service, and realised that an attack aircraft was also needed. The requirements were that it be stable at low-level, rugged enough to withstand cold weather and dirt airfields, and speed in the high subsonic range. The Saab Lansen seemed ideal for the role, and was also coming on-line at the same time. After test flights by Canadian pilots garnered very favourable reviews, it was decided to purchase the type. 

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Various subtle modifications enabled the aircraft to fulfill the roles of ground attack, anti-shipping, and interceptor, and was a fair-weather complement to the CF-100. Those based in Europe wore a standard grey/green camouflage, while some Canadian based squadrons utilised a grey/white winter scheme. 

This is the Heller 1/72nd example, and I found it a rather enjoyable build, but the subject matter no doubt helped in that. A purposeful looking aircraft, and one that isn't often modeled.

Dave Bailey

Photos and text by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat